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Activated Carbon KSI ECOCLEAN Line Filters (55 to 410cfm) (ISO CLASS 2)
Activated Carbon KSI ECOCLEAN Line Filters (55 to 410cfm) (ISO CLASS 2)
Activated Carbon KSI ECOCLEAN Line Filters (55 to 410cfm) (ISO CLASS 2)
Activated Carbon KSI ECOCLEAN Line Filters (55 to 410cfm) (ISO CLASS 2)
  • SKU: APF55-CAK 3/8

Activated Carbon KSI ECOCLEAN Line Filters (55 to 410cfm) (ISO CLASS 2)

  • Vendor: KSI
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 ELEMENT TYPE  2-in-1 Cartridge Filter Element
 Activated Carbon: Oil Vapor and Odors
 1 Micron After Filter: Particulate
 Max Particle Size: 1 micron
 Max Oil Content: 0.003 ppm (mg/m³)
 PRE-FILTER RECOMMENDED  0.01 Micron Pre-Filter Recommended (not included)
 PRESSURE  232psi
 TEMPERATURE  77° F Recommended, 86° F Max

Clean dry air is crucial to the performance of any compressed air system along with the downstream components. Line filters remove impurities such as solid particles, dust, dirt, rust, scale, oil, and condensate.

Activated Carbon is especially useful in Lab, Medical, and Food applications.

2-in-1 Cartridge features both Activated Carbon & integrated 1 Micron Filter.

KSI's ECOCLEAN Advanced Premium Filtration (APF) line is manufactured in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001 quality assurance standards, and is 100% leak tested. ECOCLEAN filters also exceed ISO 8753-1:2010 standards for compressed air purity, carry Canadian Registration Numbers (CRN) for North America, and approval for fluid group 2 in accordance with Pressure Equipment Directive 2014/68/EU, module B+D (category IV).

ECOCLEAN Filters are available in 25 micron, 1 micron, 0.01 micron, as well as Water Separators, Molecular Sieve, and Activated Carbon.


  • Connections 3/8" to 1-1/2" and flow capacities up to 410CFM
  • 2-in-1 cartridge, Activated Carbon with integrated 1 micron After Filter
  • Removal of oil vapors, odors, and residual oil content 0.003 ppm @ 68° F
  • Advanced performance particulate and oil filtration with high-density deep-bed pleated elements for increased filtration surface area
  • Arc-shaped air inlet for 75% less flow resistance, up to 55% less differential pressure loss, significantly more energy efficient
  • Manually operated condensate drain
  • Aluminum die cast housing, cathodic dip coating (e-coating) inside and out, and external powder coat for a lightweight, tough, and corrosion resistant housing
  • Special adhesive secures element end caps, prevents blooming and bacterial growth
  • Highly efficient polyester drainage layer, protects against inflating effects and cracking, prevents re-entry and favors coalesce and drainage
  • Top-mounted Differential Pressure Indicator, optional add-on (not included)
  • Simple service, remove filter bowl to replace internal cartridge element
  • Serviceable with Replacement Cartridge Elements
  • Optional Wall Mount & Filter Connect Kit Available


A 10psi pressure drop represents a 5% increase in energy cost
Over the 10 year life of a compressed air system, on average the cost of energy to run the system far outweighs the capital investment of buying it. Maintenance costs may not be much, but it is extremely important because it directly impacts energy efficiency and system health. Neglected filters create a constant pressure drop, which destroys the energy efficiency of your system while entrained oil, water, and particulate destroys system components. Protect your equipment, tools, processes, and ultimately your business with proper air treatment and regular maintenance!

For every compressed air system, we highly recommend installing Air Dryer, Water Separator, 1 micron Line Filter, and 0.01 micron Line Filter for the highest quality air.

Where to install the Activated Carbon Filter in your compressed air system:
0.01 Micron Filter > Activated Carbon / 1 micron Filter > Point of Use Connection


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