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Micro Clean Cyclone Water Separator
Micro Clean Cyclone Water Separator
Micro Clean Cyclone Water Separator
  • SKU: MC-WT-25

Micro Clean Cyclone Water Separator

$163.72 $173.50
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 CAPACITY  25 to 1500 CFM models
 INLET/OUTLET SIZE  1/4" to 3" models
 PRESSURE  25 to 50cfm models: 0-232psig
 125 to 1500cfm models: 22-232psig
 PERFORMANCE  Removes 99% of Bulk Liquid
 WARRANTY  10 Year on Pressure Vessel


Our range of Cyclone Water Separators eliminate 99% of liquids in your compressed air or gas system improving your processes and reducing costly downtime. Manufactured in an ISO 9001 approved facility and tested in accordance with ISO 12500-4. Compact and simple to install, water traps are crucial to preventing corrosion and damage, while providing clean dry air to tools and equipment. Each separator comes equipped with an Automatic Float Drain. We recommend installing a pair of General Purpose (0.1 micron) and High Efficiency (0.01 micron) particulate & coalescing filters in addition to a Cyclone Water Trap.


  • Our Cyclone Water Traps eliminate 99% of liquids in your compressed air or gas system
  • Eliminates corrosion and damage to tools and machinery
  • Manufactured in an ISO 9001 approved facility and tested in accordance with ISO 12500-4
  • Unique fins on the internal centrifugal module provide optimal liquid removal efficiency across a wide range of operating conditions
  • Die cast aluminum housing and polyester powder coated finish for industry leading corrosion resistance, long life of reliable separation
  • Internal shield ensures the separated liquids cannot re-enter the gas stream, greatly improving drainage and separation performance
  • Improves your processes and reduces costly downtime
  • Perfectly suitable for variable speed compressors
  • Serviceable with Replacement Auto Float Drain

Compressed Air USA’s Micro Clean line offers proven Performance, Quality, and Reliability. We offer a complete and cost effective solution to Compressed Air Treatment. Over the 10 year life of a compressed air system, on average the cost of energy to run the system far outweighs the capital investment of buying it. While maintenance cost is not much, it is extremely important because it directly impacts energy efficiency and compressor health. A 10psig pressure drop represents a 5% increase in energy cost. Neglected filters that become clogged creates a continuous pressure drop, which destroys the efficiency of your system. Entrained water and oil destroys system components and tools. Protect your equipment, tools, processes, and ultimately your business.

Where to install the Water Trap in your compressed air system:

  • In a system with a Refrigerated Air Dryer:

    • Air Compressor › Receiver › Water Trap › General Purpose Filter › Refrigerated Air Dryer › High Efficiency Filter

  • In a system with a Desiccant Air Dryer:

    • Air Compressor › Receiver › Water Trap › High Efficiency Filter › Desiccant Air Dryer › General Purpose Filter

  • In a system at the Point of Use:

    • Water Trap › General Purpose Filter › High Efficiency Filter › Point of Use Connection

For every compressed air system, we highly recommend installing General Purpose Filters, High Efficiency Filters, and Cyclone Water Separators for the highest quality treated air.


Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews Write a review

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Greg F

Robust filter and maintenance free good for bulk liquid in lines

Water trap

Cyclone water trap for large liquid in the lines

Line Filters

Added a water trap to pair with line filters and our dryer works great, condensate drains right to a 60cfm oil water separator very clean simple and efficient system

Water trap

We decided to install this water trap along with our line filtration and refrigerated air dryer it performs well

Water separator

Does it's job well along with line filters we don't have contaminants or bulk liquid in our lines I would also use an air dryer for the best results


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