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60 CFM Oil Water Separator CAUSA Micro Clean (MC-OWS-60)
60 CFM Oil Water Separator CAUSA Micro Clean (MC-OWS-60)
60 CFM Oil Water Separator CAUSA Micro Clean (MC-OWS-60)
60 CFM Oil Water Separator CAUSA Micro Clean (MC-OWS-60)
  • SKU: MC-OWS-60

60 CFM Oil Water Separator CAUSA Micro Clean (MC-OWS-60)

$232.42 $259.90
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 SERVICE LIFE  8000 HRS @30CFM, 4000 HRS @ 60CFM
 INLET CONNECTION  1/4" Tube (Push-Fit)
 OUTLET CONNECTION  3/8" Tube (Push-Fit)
 DIMENSIONS  9.4 x 5.5 x 5.5 IN
 SERVICE/REPLACEMENT  Replace the entire self-contained unit


Compressed Air USA’s Micro Clean line offers proven performance, quality, and reliability. The 60CFM oil water separator offers a complete and cost effective solution to compressed air treatment.

Our MICRO CLEAN oil water separators are the most reliable and highest performing separators available on the market. Safe, simple, reliable, economical on-site treatment of compressed air condensate with discharge quality that exceeds U.S. EPA standards through to end of life. The advanced STERLING filtration media is non-carbon based, made from 100% recyclable materials, and is the most effective solution to oil water separation with its long life and outlet concentrations as low as 5 ppmv, even with synthetic lubricants.

In just 1 year a 15 horsepower compressor will produce 2000 gallons of condensate. Left untreated, that is enough oil to cover and de-oxygenate several hectares of water, causing environmental damage and loss of plant and animal life. Discharging oily waste inhibits the operation of waste water processing plants, and is also illegal. Oily condensate from compressors may be 99% fresh water, don’t waste thousands of dollars per year for storage or settling tanks and removal. Eliminate the hassle of other treatment options. Treat it at the source with the most efficient and lowest cost of ownership, and then discharge it down the drain.


Condensate from compressors, refrigerated dryers, coolers, or other drain points are piped directly to the Micro Clean separator. Here it enters the primary filter which: depressurizes condensate, traps solid particles which protects the secondary filter, and catches bulk hydrocarbons with a high capacity oil absorbent. Next, the condensate passes through a deep bed of STERLING filtration media which absorbs oil providing oil concentrations of 5 ppmv or less. The remaining water can be disposed of safely and in compliance with environmental regulations.


  • Advanced STERLING Filter Media that attracts oil and repels water – the oil becomes trapped in the filter media
  • 100% Performance even on new synthetic lubricant
  • Carbon-Free: no pre-soaking, no long contact time, no settling tank, no oil collection container
  • STERLING Media versus Carbon: twice the oil capturing capacity, half the contact time, doesn’t settle, crush, or fracture
  • Longer life, higher flow capacity, consistent performance, lower cost of ownership, less frequent maintenance
  • Sterling Media is the Highest Performing, Most Efficient, and Most Reliable separation technology available
  • Compact design takes up less floor space and fits tight installs, wall mount bracket included
  • Clean discharge as low as < 5 ppm of oil for disposal safely down the drain
  • Service life over 2-years
  • Recyclable and made from 100% Recycled Materials – the most environmentally friendly solution to oil water separation
  • Self-contained unit for a simple, no-mess replacement. Just disconnect from system drains, cap the unit (provided), then replace with a new separator, and reconnect.

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