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Micro Clean 1/2″ Zero Loss Automatic Condensate Drain (MC-ZLD-050)
Micro Clean 1/2″ Zero Loss Automatic Condensate Drain (MC-ZLD-050)
Micro Clean 1/2″ Zero Loss Automatic Condensate Drain (MC-ZLD-050)
Micro Clean 1/2″ Zero Loss Automatic Condensate Drain (MC-ZLD-050)
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Micro Clean 1/2″ Zero Loss Automatic Condensate Drain (MC-ZLD-050)

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 POWER  Electric
 VOLTAGE  115V (6' cord with 3-prong plug)
 TEMPERATURE  35 to 180° F
 CAPACITY  450cfm Compressor, 900cfm Dryer, 2700cfm Filter
 DISCHARGE CAPACITY  8 ounces/cycle
 DIMENSIONS  8.5 x 6 x 6.5 IN


Micro Clean offers a full line of air treatment and condensate management options. Choose from either our Electronic Timer Drain or our Zero Loss Electronic Drain for your condensate management needs. Install directly onto drain points from filters, separators, dryers, or air tank receivers and automatically drain condensate from your system to protect your process and your equipment. The most common application is on the bottom discharge line of air receivers, this prevents water/condensate from accumulating which causes corrosion, damage to the system, and reduced air storage capacity. Our ZLD is completely automatic in operation. No programming or adjustment needed. Rugged and reliable construction ensures long-term maintenance-free operation.

Condensate drain lines from filters, separators, or tanks are piped to the Zero Loss Drain inlets.
As condensate collects, it must be drained from the system to improve efficiency and performance, prevent damage, and prevent decreasing compressed air capacity.
The liquid level inside the see-thru collection cynlinder rises, which also raises the stainless steel float.
The float reaches its designed level and signals a straight flow posi valve to open the full port drain.
The condensate level lowers, which lowers the float and signals to shut the discharge valve before all liquid exits.
The remaining liquid prevents air loss from the system by maintaining a barrier to the atmosphere, achieving the highest energy efficiency.

  • Completely Automatic Zero Air Loss Float Controlled Condensate Drain
  • High Flow Capacity, and Most Energy Efficient Drain
  • Translucent Reservoir for Visual Level Indication
  • Teflon Coated Control Stem and Stainless Steel Float
  • Straight Flow Posi Valve, Full-Port Drain
  • Digital Valve Position Indication with Manual Override
  • Helps Prevent Corrosion, Damage, Reduced Efficiency, Reduced Air Capacity, Clogging
  • Compact & Easy to Read even in tight dark places
  • (2) Inlet Ports. Install directly onto drain points on: Filters, Dryers, Separators, Air Storage Tanks and more
  • Rugged and Reliable Construction of Aluminum/Steel/Composite, Long-term Maintenance-Free Operation

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