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KSI Filter Moisture Indicator KSI Desiccant Filters
  • SKU: KSI-F1

KSI Filter Moisture Indicator KSI Desiccant Filters

  • Vendor: KSI
  • Barcode: KSI-F1

KSI Molecular Sieve (Desiccant) dryer line filtration is designed for moisture adsorption.
Verify proper operation and cartridge life by installing an optional moisture indicator.


  • Moisture indication on filter outlet for verification of clean dry downstream air
  • Top-Mounted to KSI Desiccant Line Filters

A 10psi pressure drop represents a 5% increase in energy cost
Over the 10 year life of a compressed air system, on average the cost of energy to run the system far outweighs the capital investment of buying it. Maintenance costs may not be much, but it is extremely important because it directly impacts energy efficiency and system health. Neglected filters create a constant pressure drop, which destroys the energy efficiency of your system while entrained oil, water, and particulate destroys system components. Protect your equipment, tools, processes, and ultimately your business with proper air treatment and regular maintenance!



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