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BASF F200 Activated Alumina Desiccant 1/8inch 50lb Bag
  • SKU: 3003132730

BASF F200 Activated Alumina Desiccant 1/8inch 50lb Bag

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BASF F-200 Activated Alumina Replacement Desiccant 1/8" 50LB

For use in Compressed Air and Gas, Liquid, Acid Removal, Process Stream Purification, or Hydrocarbon Adsorption. BASF F200 is the only activated alumina manufactured in the USA. Smooth uniform spheres, dust-free, highly porous ceramic compound achieve dew points of -40F to -100F depending on operating conditions of the dryer.

In a heated regenerative air dryer, activated alumina can be regenerated to its original adsorption capacity between temperatures of 350-600F.

  • Uniform Ball Size - increased efficiency by minimizing pressure drop and "channeling"
  • High Crush Strength - rapid loading, amine resistance, dehydrates acid containing liquids and gasses such as CO2 for longer life
  • Low Abraision - less dust during transport and service, minimizes down stream valve and filter build-up
  • High Adsorptive Capacity - large surface area achieves ultra low H20 effluent, excellent cyclic stability for longer life
  • Absorbs liquids and gases without disintegrating or changing form
  • Uses include Air/Gas/Liquid Drying, Acid Removal, Process Stream Purification, and Hydrocarbon Adsoprtion
  • Manufactured in USA

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Download BASF F-200 Tech Data Sheet Here (TDS)

Download BASF F-200 Safety Data Sheet Here (SDS)


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