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20HP Mattei Rotary Vane Base Mounted Air Compressor (BLADE 15 HX)
  • SKU: BLADE 15 HX

20HP Mattei Rotary Vane Base Mounted Air Compressor (BLADE 15 HX)

  • Vendor: Mattei
  • Barcode: BLADE 15 HX
 CAPACITY  86 CFM @ 145psi
 POWER  Electric
 VOLTAGE  208-230V, 460V
 TANK CAPACITY  N/A - Base Mounted Machine
 DIMENSIONS  57 x 30 x 52 IN
 WEIGHT  1235 LB
 WARRANTY  5 year


The Mattei 20HP rotary vane air compressor is an ideal solution for body shops, mechanical shops, and manufacturers. This unit is base mounted and is 86CFM and 145PSI. When compared to other rotary vane compressors, the BLADE’s very low rotational speed, a distinctive feature of a Mattei compressor, means more air, greater reliability, reduced energy consumption and quiet operation. The rotary vane technology ensures high quality compressed air, an extremely compact air-end and low noise levels. All models are equipped with TEFC motor, full-voltage motor starter, air-cooled aftercooler. The design and operation of BLADE compressors ensures the correct operating temperature is quickly and effectively reached to prevent condensation forming in the system to extend operating life. All of these features are combined with undisputed product reliability for any application.

  • Base mounted machine
  • Unlimited blade life
  • No thrust bearings
  • Bushings not subject to wear
  • Rotary vane technology boosts efficiency by 20%
  • Maximum reliability
  • Energy efficient
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Quiet & compact
  • High efficiency oil separation
  • Real time clock and daily/weekly programming
  • Continuous and Automatic operating modes with standard load/unload operation

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