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165CFM Micro Clean Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer (MC-RCD-165)
165CFM Micro Clean Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer (MC-RCD-165)
  • SKU: MC-RCD-165

165CFM Micro Clean Cycling Refrigerated Air Dryer (MC-RCD-165)

 RECOMMENDED  Pair with 40 HP
 TYPE  Cycling
 POWER  Electric
 DIMENSIONS  29 x 24 x 37 IN

Micro Clean by Compressed Air USA offers the next generation of thermal mass dryers. The Micro Clean RCD Cycling series of compressed air dryers provide the best dew point performance, fastest response times to sudden demand increases, and the lowest power consumption across the entire spectrum of operation. The cycling dryer utilizes dual transfer technology (DTT) by use of both a refrigeration cycle, and silica dry thermal mass.

The refrigeration cycle not only cools and dries the compressed air, but also cools the thermal mass. This cold energy is stored in the thermal mass and is used to provide dry clean air to the system while the refrigerant compressor cycles off. As the thermal mass temperature begins to rise, the refrigerant compressor cycles back on to ensure the dew point temperature is maintained.

The energy savings of the Micro Clean RCD dryers are significant compared to non-cycling dryers. The dryer automatically responds to changes in ambient conditions and air flow requirements which results in energy savings of up to 80%. Non-cycling dryers are sized to handle the highest ambient temperature and highest air flow. They also operate at 100% power consumption, no matter if the demand is close to zero during down time or the ambient temperature is lower in cooler seasons.

  • Inlet/Outlet size: 1-1/2″ NPT
  • Dual transfer technology (DTT) features a combination of a refrigeration process with a copper/aluminum heat exchanger, and also a dry thermal mass
  • Refrigerant compressor cycles on-and-off in response to system demand and ambient conditions allowing for optimum energy efficiency
  • Lower electrical consumption from 0% to 100% duty cycle with consistent dew point and low pressure drop
  • Highly efficient non-toxic silica dry mass and environmentally friendly R134a and R407C refrigerants
  • Integrated moisture separator and condensate drain
  • Small footprint packaged into a simple and compact design
  • Easy to install and startup, ready to go out of the box, silica dry mass does not require pre-cooling overnight
  • Corrosion resistant powder coated galvanized steel panels, all removable for maintenance accessibility


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