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Standard Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid (HYDRA-FR-S)
Standard Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid (HYDRA-FR-S)
Standard Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid (HYDRA-FR-S)
Standard Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid (HYDRA-FR-S)
Standard Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid (HYDRA-FR-S)

Standard Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid (HYDRA-FR-S)

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HYDRA-FR-S is a full synthetic blend of fire resistant ISO 46 fluid designed for use in moderate to severe duty applications and offers enhanced lubrication, fire resistance, and wear protection.

Unlike most water-soluble glycol-based formulations, HYDRA-FR-S has an exceptionally long oil life and offers superior pump protection. This blend is also compatible with most mineral oil hydraulic fluids. For added safety it also features a tackifier additive which enhances adhesion and cohesion, preventing dripping, splashing, and especially misting.

Our blends highlight Performance, Efficiency, and Quality. We offer lubricants for all applications: centrifugal, industrial blowers, reciprocating piston, rotary screw, rotary vane, turbines, vacuum pumps, portable machines, gear sets, and hydraulic systems.

Performance Advantages: extended fluid life, maximum oxidative resistance, wear protection, carbon and varnish protection, corrosion protection, readily separates water to minimize rust and viscosity dilution, excels in extreme heat or freezing cold, rated for 100% life at 212°F(100°C).


  • Full Synthetic ISO 46 Standard Fire Resistant Hydraulic Fluid
  • Very High Flash Point (479°F) and Auto Ignition Point (755°F)
  • Tackifier prevents misting
  • Extended Life & Enhanced Protection from: Wear, Oxidation/Rust, Carbon/Varnish Formation, Water Contamination, and Mechanical Stresses
  • Proven Performance in Extreme Environments: Hot & Humid Southeast, Hot & Arid Southwest, Freezing Cold Alaska & Canada
  • Bio-Degradable, Non-Toxic, and Non-Hazardous
  • Made in Jacksonville, Florida, USA.

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