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RESCUE Concentrated Compressor Cleaner
RESCUE Concentrated Compressor Cleaner
RESCUE Concentrated Compressor Cleaner
RESCUE Concentrated Compressor Cleaner
RESCUE Concentrated Compressor Cleaner

RESCUE Concentrated Compressor Cleaner

  • Vendor: ISEL
  • Barcode: ISEL-RESCUE-1QT
Rescue consists of premium, fast-acting concentrate cleaners. Add directly to compressor lubricant. The cleaner solubilizes contaminants into the lubricant and works to restore the compressor to peak efficiency by removing carbon, varnish and other hydrocarbon-related deposits while the equipment is operating. Drain contaminants from the system through the oil. Rescue is recommended for use at a ratio of 1 part concentrate to 10 parts lubricant. Rescue is added directly to the existing charge of lubricant – based on the contamination level of the compressor. If the current charge of lubricant inside the compressor is severely deteriorated – drain the oil and add Rescue cleaner to a new charge of semi-synthetic or partial-synthetic lubricant.

1. Determine amount of Rescue required for the compressor
2. Drain oil from the compressor equal to the amount of Rescue being added
3. Add Rescue to the lubricant sump of the compressor up to recommended concentration
4. Operate the compressor as normal for 24-72 Hours. Monitor filters for clogging; replace as needed
5. If the compressor shuts down at any time during the cleaning period, ensure it is run for atleast 30 minutes prior to draining the oil-cleaner mixture
6. Drain the lubricant-cleaner mixture from the compressor while oil is still hot. Oil and contaminants do not drain well when allowed to cool and settle
7. Refill the compressor with high-quality, synthetic lubricant

How much Rescue to use:
Light Deposits / Standard Used Oil / Preventative Maintenance 5-10% Concentration
Severely Degraded Oil / Minimal Deposits / Reconditioning Maintenance 10-15% Concentration
Heavy Deposits / Standard Used Oil / Clogged Oil Cooler 15-20% Concentration
Worst Case Scenario Severe Deposits / Severely Degraded Oil / Clogged Oil Cooler 20% Concentration, and may require multiple cleanings



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