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OptiFlo Flow Controller Pressure Regulator
OptiFlo Flow Controller Pressure Regulator
OptiFlo Flow Controller Pressure Regulator
  • SKU: OP-75-BLK-RL

OptiFlo Flow Controller Pressure Regulator


Optiflo flow controllers optimize your compressed air usage. Every air system, no matter how good, has leaks. When reducing an air system’s working pressure, the volume of air lost through leakage is dramatically reduced. The reduction in lost air volume directly relates to power savings on the running of your air compressor and increases your bottom line. Even tools benefit. Air tools are designed to work at specific pressures, so ensuring the correct pressure to your tools will optimize their performance, increase life and reduce maintenance, all in addition to preventing wasted energy. Installing an Optiflo flow controller in your system will not only provide considerable power savings but also increase the life expectancy of your compressor and radically reduce maintenance costs. Minimizing lost air volume will reduce the amount of time your compressor has to run. The less it runs the longer its life expectancy and the less maintenance it will require.


  • Optiflo Flow Controllers significantly reduce energy, improves productivity, enhances compressor life, and minimizes maintenance costs
  • Every 10psi reduction in distributed air pressure equates to 7% energy savings
  • Nitrile seals for high chemical resistance
  • Balanced valve design is robust, and provides immediate response to changes in air demand
  • Glycol filled, stainless steel dual gauge design for inlet and outlet pressure indication
  • Max inlet pressure: 300psig
  • Secure the unit directly to the wall or piping system
  • Powder coated stainless steel chassis
  • Tamper proof dial centrally located for quick adjustment and easy calibration
  • Left-to-Right or Right-to-Left configurations available to match your needs
  • Compatible with both Rotary and Reciprocating compressor technology
  • Install in system as upstream as possible, but after air storage/dryer/filters

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