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30CFM Micro Clean Refrigerated Air Dryer (MC-RDX-30)
30CFM Micro Clean Refrigerated Air Dryer (MC-RDX-30)
  • SKU: MC-RDX-30

30CFM Micro Clean Refrigerated Air Dryer (MC-RDX-30)

 RECOMMENDED  Pair with 7.5 HP
 TYPE  Non-Cycling
 POWER  Electric
 DIMENSIONS  15 x 18 x 17 IN

Micro Clean by Compressed Air USA offers some of the most reliable compressed air dryers on the market. The Micro Clean RDX Direct Expansion series of refrigerated air dryers allow those running a consistent volume of compressed air the ability to achieve excellent dew point performance and save energy. The high-quality stainless-steel heat exchangers, environmentally friendly refrigerants, and reliable refrigerant compressors make RDX the best value go-to air dryer in the industry.

Clean and dry air is essential for efficiency in applications such as manufacturing, food, beverage, chemical, laboratory, medical, and natural gas. Micro clean understands the need for high performance, energy saving purification products and delivers them at an affordable price with unrivaled reliability.

  • Inlet/Outlet size: 1/2″ NPT
  • Patented large surface area heat exchanger, corrosion resistant construction, and integrated moisture separator
  • Simple to use CAREL digital microprocessor features dewpoint temperature display, power-on, drain operation, and manual override
  • Refrigerant gauge located above controller
  • Automatic expansion valve (TXV) ensures stable dew point performance even in changing ambient conditions
  • Timed solenoid drain is fully adjustable and extremely reliable
  • Oversized condenser uses a high-pressure fan switch to protect refrigeration circuit and to provide visual high- and low-pressure alarms
  • Environmentally friendly R134a and R407C refrigerants are recognized as both efficient and safe
  • Small footprint, lightweight, and ready to go out of the box

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