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13HP CAUSA Gas Portable Reciprocating Air Compressor 30gal (RS13-3G)
  • SKU: CAUSA-RS13-3G

13HP CAUSA Gas Portable Reciprocating Air Compressor 30gal (RS13-3G)

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 CAPACITY  23 CFM @ 175psi, 24 CFM @ 100psi
 POWER  Honda 390cc Gasoline Engine
 DIMENSIONS  46 x 46 x 22 IN


Compressed Air USA (RS) Recip Series Air Compressors

The RS13-3G model of CAUSA reciprocating air compressor has a powder coated 30 gallon air tank and is 13HP, and is 23CFM at 175PSI and 24CFM @ 100PSI.

Our RS line of gas powered, portable air compressors feature industry leading performance in an incredibly compact and maneuverable package. The portable RS line is designed for contractors and is typically found on a ranch or construction job site. These portable air compressors deliver a high CFM per horsepower ratio. Built in Texas, the portable RS line of air compressors feature solid cast iron pumps which can withstand the most rugged demands and provide air right at the point of work - wherever that may be.

  • Honda 390cc gas engine with fuel tank
  • Heavy duty two-stage solid cast iron pump
  • Stainless steel flex air lines and Swedish steel valves
  • Torrington needle bearings, bearings on both ends of the crankshaft
  • Centrifugal unloader, Pilot valve continuous operation
  • Critical controls protected by base plate, Fully enclosed belt guard
  • Alternator on drive engine, Drive engine on left side for safety
  • ASME tested, powder coated steel tank with full saddle mounting feet
  • Access to compressor valves without compressor head removal
  • Built in Texas

XTRA Models have added features, making our compressors easier to maintain and delivering industry leading air quality:

  • Automatic tank drain
  • Belt guard after cooler
  • On-board battery mounted and wired (no truck wiring needed)
  • Tank discharge ball valve
  • Vibration pads

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