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What Industry are you in?

If looking for an AIR COMPRESSOR:

What size machine? Horsepower, Capacity (CFM), Pressure
Not sure what size you need? Answer these: Days/week of operation, Hours/day of operation, Number of techs using air at any one time

What source of Power? Gas, Diesel, or Electric
If Electric, What Voltage/Phase? 115, 208, 230, 460V. Single or 3 Phase.

If looking for AIR TREATMENT:

Are you treating air at the point of use or treating the whole system?

To remove moisture/lower the dewpoint: Compressed Air Dryers. Use either non-cycling refrigerated air dryer, cycling refrigerated air dryer, or a desiccant air dryer.

To remove oil from air lines: Coalescing Filter.

To remove bulk liquid from air lines: Water Trap or Separator

To remove particulate from air lines: Particulate Filters

Condensate management - remove oil from drained condensate: Oil Water Separator + Automatic Drain Valve

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